Why Cassia Plath had eye surgery


In Welcome to Plathville, Cassia Plath is one of the youngest girls. She had an accident years ago which led to several eye operations.

Cassia Plath from Welcome to Plathville is the nine-year-old girl featured on the hit reality show, and she has eye problems that fans of the show may not be familiar with. The series focuses primarily on older Plath children as their relationships with their parents evolve, so less is known about the younger ones. While fans are familiar with most of the broken family’s struggles, Kim and Barry Plath haven’t mentioned Cassia’s eye accident and surgeries onscreen.

Welcome to Plathville follows parents Kim and Barry Plath, who raised their nine children on a huge farm in rural Georgia. Instead of watching TV or hanging out with friends, the kids spent most of their time rehearsing for the Plath Family Band performances or running around their farm. The show focuses primarily on Ethan, Moriah, and Micah Plath, who have all left the family home. These three older children have a strained relationship with their strict parents, which makes fans wonder what life is like for the younger ones at home. Although they are not represented as much, the youngest girls always seem to be happy.


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Fans have noticed that Cassia is the only Plath child to wear glasses. Although her father Barry also wears glasses, her glasses are something she needs due to an accident. In 2014, when Cassia was just two years old, she was hit in the eye by an extremely sharp piece of plastic from an outdoor thermometer. She was rushed to the emergency room by her parents and underwent her first surgery that night. This is not the Plath family’s first tragedy, as Kim accidentally crushed their one-year-old son Joshua in 2007. Sadly, Joshua died from his injuries. Fortunately, Cassia’s injuries weren’t life threatening.

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On the now defunct The Plath Family Band website, the family matriarch detailed Cassia’s journey to recovery, according to Web.archive. His surgeries had to be done with time in between so that the trauma to his eye did not get worse. Kim explained that the doctor told her Cassia had one of the worst eye injuries and her daughter’s eyes would never be exactly the same as before the accident. However, after a year and several surgeries to repair different parts of Cassia’s eye, her vision improved tremendously.

As she sees a line in one eye where the stitches used to be, her vision returns. Cassia has been wearing glasses for seven years, mainly to protect her other eye from damage. On more recent photos (and on Welcome to Plathville), Cassia was spotted without her signature colorful glasses. Fans wish Cassia all the best as she lives with her eye problem. With or without glasses, she is an adorable child.

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