What is Fox Eye Surgery? TikTok user warns of recent trend after botched procedure


Canthoplasty, often known as cat eye, fox eye, or almond eye surgery, lifts and repositions the corner of the eye (lateral canthus). It can realign rounder-than-almond eyes and straighten droopy lower eyelids. The treatment involves inserting ostensibly invisible threads above the eyes, which are then pushed upwards. It surgically elevates eyeballs with biodegradable threads, and results can last anywhere from a few weeks to a year.

Fox eye surgery is one of the latest fads that many celebrities are adopting. The treatment, which works by moving the eyes upward, is popular among celebrities, like Danielle Lloyd. However, Jessie Carr, an Australian, took to TikTok to share her experience with fox-eye wires, and the results are not what she expected.


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Jessie took to TikTok to explain what happened after undergoing the fox eye treatment. She recently had a botched lipstick, but now she’s back to explain what happened to her face. “I can’t take myself seriously,” she captioned the video on TikTok.

“Those fox eye yarns are really my biggest regret,” Jessie said. “It’s really not worth it, it doesn’t work and it left me looking sloppy like that!” Jessie detailed what was wrong with her fox eye yarns and why she wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

Jessie explained: “Initially they swelled up very, very badly. I looked like MegaMind. They burst a blood vessel during the procedure, I exploded for a few weeks, I was in pretty bad shape. Once the swelling went down i noticed my eyebrows had gone up and i was so happy with them but after a week they went back down they looked normal again but they were also patchy so in fact, one fell off more than the other, so I had to get Botox in one of the others and wait eight weeks to see if they would even out, which they kind of did.”

Jessie added: “Then after that I went back for my eight week check up and everything was fine but noticed nothing had really changed so I said I wanted a refund. They told me gave a partial refund and then a few weeks later I noticed I had bumps on my head and my sons were coming out and I realized and thought it would go away but that’s not the case. So I went back for another check.

Jessie is currently undergoing treatment to reverse the operation. She said: “Now I go through a procedure called Ultaformer, it’s supposed to dissolve the threads and I also take anti-inflammatory pills to try to reduce the inflammation.”

“It’s not promised that it will dissolve the thread, but it’s something that might help dissolve it. It’s a gradual result, so hopefully it will make a difference. After two sessions, I hope that it will knock them off but I don’t know if it will work 100% so I’ve been through a lot with my fox eye sons and it’s really not worth it I really don’t recommend it “concluded Jessie.

Jessie’s video has racked up 1.4 million views in just 19 hours since it was uploaded to TikTok. It currently has 133,000 likes, 1,141 comments and over 1,010 shares on Facebook.

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