Wellsville rallies around ‘Velvet,’ donating over $2,000 for eye surgery


Allegany County Trap Neuter Return Rescue Team found Velvet in dire condition

By Andrew Harris

Carrie Jefferds is on the streets of Wellsville and Allegany County saving cats and kittens almost non-stop. The last recovery was a very hopeless case, a little kitten still alive but with serious injuries, in particular a necrotic eye.

While Jefferds has successfully neutered hundreds of cats over the years, eye surgery is a different animal economically. His many social media followers have stepped up to start helping. Read Velvet’s story in recent reports from Jefferds:

“Velvet is a 7 week old kitten who was found alone under a house. She has significant eye damage from an infection and will have to undergo surgery to remove her eye to save her life. Please consider donating any amount to help Velvet have the good life she deserves. Facebook handles the processing of donations free of charge.

A few hours later, she posted this happy fundraising report:

“Velvet Update. She had her consultation today. The eye should be removed as soon as possible. She is due for surgery on Saturday. Please send positive thoughts and such until then! Velvet is a very small kitten, so any type of surgery is dangerous. Thank you for your support so far! Thanks to YOU, Velvet has a chance to have a good life. We love you Velvet!”

Visit the page dedicated to fundraising for the takeover of Velvet, any amount counts!!


Of course, that doesn’t mean Velvet is free and clear, or that her expenses are paid. You can keep the momentum going and fund Carrie’s efforts for this kitten, and the one she’ll likely rescue tomorrow. To learn more and contact Carrie, click here: https://alleganycountytnr.com/

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