Wellbeing Nutrition Launches World’s First Natural Eye Vitamins – Melts Eye Care


In the hectic times we live in, health issues are on the rise, due to unhealthy lifestyles, lack of proper exercise and nutrition, or due to too much screen time . Inadequate food intake, increased exposure to blue light, eye muscle fatigue and an inactive lifestyle contribute to blurred vision and other eye diseases. The eyes need adequate nutrition and rest. To improve eye health and maintain clear vision, certain nutrients are extremely essential for consumption.

Wellbeing Nutrition, India’s leading research-based whole-food nutrition company, has launched the world’s first all-natural eye vitamins, called ‘Melts Eye Care’. Created under their world famous Melts® brand which uses advanced nanotechnology to deliver vitamins directly into the bloodstream and make them more bioavailable and bioactive than traditional capsules and tablets. The product is very effective in protecting the eyes from retinal damage, fatigue, eye muscle fatigue and blue light irritation.

Commenting on the launch, Avnish Chhabria, Founder of Wellbeing Nutrition, said, “Reports indicate that India is home to 23.5% of the world’s blind population, and cataracts and glaucoma are the most common causes of blindness. Additionally, pandemic-induced remote work and learning has led to increased reliance on various screens, leading to multiple eye problems. Vision problems are further exacerbated by irregular eating habits, poor quality diets and low physical activity. Therefore, it is extremely important to provide essential multivitamins to maintain healthy eyes.
He adds, “Our latest product, Melts Eye Care, is the world’s first Natural Eye Vitamin to be made with Lutemax2020®, a patented extract containing the three nutritionally relevant macular carotenoids – lutein, RR-zeaxanthin and RS-zeaxanthin. Naturally derived from marigold flowers, the unique combination of Lutemax 2020® carotenoids is backed by multiple clinical studies, providing tremendous benefits for eye health. We are sure that, as always, we will again receive a great response for Melts Eye Care from our consumers.

Studies have confirmed that Lutemax 2020® is a proven formula for improving eye health, and the macular carotenoids it contains provide tremendous benefits for prolonged exposure to blue light, help fight stress, mood and sleep quality, while improving overall skin health and cognitive support. . Lutemax 2020® is an award-winning, clinically backed and intellectual property protected extract naturally derived from marigold flower. Lutemax 2020 Research Highlights Relevance of Macular Carotenoids to Benefits Important to Consumers Today, Including BLUE Study, Sleep Quality, Stress and Mood Support, Skin Health skin, cognitive support and safety.

Eye Care Melts has been launched in several markets including India, USA, UK, Singapore and UAE. The product is available in over 1200 modern retail stores as well as leading pharmacy chains in India such as WH Smith, Relay, Natures Basket, Apollo Pharmacy, 24*7, Health & Glow and Lakme Salons. It is also available on online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Pharmeasy, Healthkart, Nykaa and company website www.wellbeingnutrition.com

About wellness nutrition

Founded in 2019 by nutrition entrepreneur Avnish Chhabria, Wellbeing Nutrition is a research-based, whole-food nutrition company that uses plant-based ingredients to deliver wellness to people with active, fast-paced lives. Co-founder Saurabh Kapoor joined the team in 2021. Wellbeing Nutrition provides non-genetically modified organic vitamins and minerals that are not chemically synthesized.
Creating powerful combinations of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, Wellbeing Nutrition uses new cutting-edge pharmaceutical technology and nanotechnology in innovative formats to deliver nutrients in more bioavailable and bioactive formats to ensure optimal delivery of active nutrients. in the body. The team works with more than 20 leading researchers around the world, including Dr. Rainer Duchmann, a leading gastroenterologist from Germany, Dr. Anne Marie Fine, an award-winning researcher from the United States, Dr. Paula Simpson, biochemist, scientific evaluator for Health Canada, and many more.

The brand provides a unique product offering for customers throughout their lifecycle management to address everyday lifestyle issues, from gut management, skin, immunity, detox, hair and weight. Wellbeing Nutrition’s main product lines include Daily Wellness (Daily Greens, Matcha Tea, Vitamin C and Grandma’s Kadha), Functional Nutrition (Melts Hair, Sleep, B12 and D3) and Kids Organic Nutrition (Melts – Multivitamin, Probiotic, Omega, Immunity, Vitamins B12 and D3). The products are all manufactured in an FDA and GMP approved facility.
Ingredients are sourced from 17 countries and over 200 natural/organic farms and companies with certified/patented and clinically studied data on each of the nutrients. With a holistic approach to healthcare, Wellbeing Nutrition addresses various aspects including mind, body, food, exercise, sleep, emotional well-being, spirituality and nature.

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