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Apple last month unveiled the iPhone 13 series, introducing four new smartphones to the company’s lineup. Apple has included macro photography on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, a photography feature that has been available on competing Android phones for years. Apple’s high-end models are known for their great cameras, but now an ophthalmologist is using an iPhone 13 Pro Max to diagnose eye disease patients.

Ophthalmologist Dr Tommy Korn recently introduced a new use of the recently announced iPhone 13 Pro Max by Apple to treat patients on LinkedIn. The doctor took photos of his patients’ eyes using macro mode on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which may help better understand medical issues and conditions. The doctor explained how he diagnoses patients using macro mode on his smartphone.

Apple, unlike many Android manufacturers, hasn’t rolled out a new macro lens on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Instead, the company used an ultra-wide camera, capable of capturing photographs of objects as close as two centimeters from the lens. Dr Korn of the Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group used the case of a patient who received a cornea transplant as an example. Doctors examine patients’ eyes to see if the abrasion has healed.

“I used the iPhone 13 Pro Max for the MACRO eye photos this week. Impressed. Will innovate in patient eye care and telemedicine. Can’t wait to see where it goes… Photos are from abrasion healing resolutive during a corneal transplant. Permission was obtained to use photos “, explained the doctor in the message.” PS: this “Pro camera” also includes a phone application! he added jokingly .



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