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Q. Is there a need to inform the Department of Motor Vehicles that you no longer need a vision restriction? My daughter has had laser eye surgery and believes she needs to let the DMV know that she no longer needs corrective lenses. This is to avoid being fined for it if ever she had to be arrested and not wear glasses or contacts. If so, how do you notify the DMV because they don’t seem to be making an appointment?

– Teal Spivey, Gardena

A. That’s a pretty common question for Honk, Teal, and yes it would be a good idea to remove the restriction from his driver’s license.

Here’s how:

She should go to her eye care specialist’s office and have an optometrist or ophthalmologist complete an eye exam report, also known as a DL 62. Google for a copy. This will document the surgery and the current level of vision.

Take it to a DMV field office to have this restriction removed. Yes, the DMV offices are open, although it is not possible to make new appointments now, so she should just show up.

Until then, “the customer must carry the DL 62 form … as proof that he is removing the restriction from his driving license if he is questioned by the police”, Nicolas filipas, a spokesperson for DMV in Sacramento, Honk said in an email.

“It would be up to law enforcement to know if this documentation would be sufficient to avoid a violation of the corrective objective,” he said.

Honk doesn’t wear a badge, but he can’t imagine a cop would have a problem with that evidence.

Q. What a shock I got when I tried to take the Fairview Road slip road south on I-405! It was closed. There is a ton of construction in this area, but have the workers removed the ramp permanently?

– Linda Ruiz, Anaheim Hills

A. Your timing, Linda, is better than that of a Swiss watch.

From 6 a.m. on Friday, February 12, this ramp was to be open again.

“It was closed for 12 days to allow crews to move the ramp to align with the first half of the new Fairview Road bridge,” said Megan Abba, spokesperson for the Orange County Transportation Authority, which oversees the widening and other improvements of I-405 between Freeways 73 and I-605.

This half of the new bridge was to open half an hour later.

During this massive project, which includes the demolition and reconstruction of some bridges, the transport agency is trying to avoid closing the ramps at the same time for consecutive streets along the highway, Abba said, but sometimes has to.

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