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The first woman president of the Lagos Island Rotary Club, Kamlesh Jain, said her tenure will focus on activities aimed at bringing smiles to Nigerians and adding value to society.

Jain revealed this during her inauguration as the club’s sixth president.

She pointed out that the club will focus on free cataract surgery for the Rotary year 2021-2022. According to her, they will need 10 million naira to 15 million naira to do so.

She said: “We also have a cervical cancer project, where we are targeting a thousand girls to take care of screening and vaccination. We will need between $ 25 million and $ 30 million. We have a bigger project and I’m ready and completely excited about it.

“We are committed to education, so we are embarking on the ‘Ka Iwe’ project, where we will equip and renovate local council libraries to increase reading habits.

“We intend to raise this money from different legal persons. We are also looking for support from international organizations, and we have already applied for a block grant of $ 20,000 and we will get the grant.

The Indian said he launched a project Oct. 11-27 in Kano and other northern states, adding that they were targeting 600-700 surgeries. She said the group planned to have one in Abuja and Lagos next year.

“We discovered that out of a thousand girls screened, 20 to 30 of them are already positive for cervical cancer. So we are going to do a preventive vaccination, ”she explained.

On what service means to her, she said, “Service means making someone who is next to you happy. If I can make the people who work with me happy, it’s service.

“Don’t go far to find people to help you, you have to start with your immediate surroundings. Meet the needs of the driver, domestic workers and then progress to the community.

Jain, who described Nigerians as one of the flexible and business-oriented people she has ever met, said Nigeria is more than negative comments online and opinions being sold to people who don’t. not visited the country.

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