Rescue Me: Princess Sela, after successful eye surgery, needs a home


FREDERICKSBURG, VA — Princess Sela, a sweet and charming woman with a beautiful coat and an elegant walk, is available for adoption at the Fredericksburg SPCA.

The 5-year-old will ask you to bring him the softest blankets in the country to lie on. And lie down, she will. She is delicate and affectionate, seeking out all of her loyal subjects to shower her with precious pets and sweet kisses.

The Fredericksburg SPCA believes that pretty princess maybe slew a dragon or two because she came to the shelter a little more worn.

Princess Sela was seen at Fredericksburg SPCA Locke Community Medical Center for her eye when she was transferred to the facility. It was determined that she would require total eye removal and has recovered well under the care of SPCA staff and shelter volunteers.

During her examination, it was discovered that Princess Sela suffered from a heart condition called Pectus Excavatum, a malformation of the sternum which resulted in a narrowing of the chest. This condition can be surgically corrected in kittens, but since Princess Sela is 5 years old, it was determined that the best thing for her would be to find a home that will fill her days with lots of (well-deserved) love like some cats. may have no obvious associated clinical signs and will lead a normal life.

Fredericksburg SPCA staff said they are happy to discuss Princess Sela and her conditions further during any matchmaking sessions, so please don’t hesitate to contact the SPCA if you have any questions.

Princess Sela is resilient, affectionate, and deserves a perch in the sun and someone she belongs to. She would make an excellent companion for a lonely heart.

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