Phillip Schofield is recovering from life-changing eye surgery


The TV presenter suffers from an eye condition that affects his day-to-day vision.

Phillip Schofield has had surgery on his right eye to lessen the impact of a condition that gives him floaters.

Floaters are small black shapes that impair a person’s vision and can become bothersome to those affected.

Phillip had surgery on his left eye in July and waited over a month to fix the other.

Phillip is recovering from eye surgery.

Posting to his 3 million followers, Philip wrote: “Now my right eye is done!

“Thank you to Professor Stanga and his amazing team.”

“If the success of my summer is being floatless, that’s good enough for me.”

He also shared a photo of himself surrounded by his medical team, showing himself in a hospital gown and his right eye wrapped in gauze.

Phillip with the medical team who fixed his right eye.

The treatment Phillip received at the Retina Clinic in London was limited pars plana vitrectomy surgery.

The procedure aimed to remove the floaters that had been bothering the 60-year-old for some time.

He previously explained his condition to This Morning viewers, saying: “My retinas don’t come off, but I have debilitating eye floaters.”

Phillip shared the burden his eye problems had placed on him before the treatment on Instagram.

He wrote: “These floaters have literally ruined my otherwise brilliant eyesight.

“For the first time in many years, right now I’m looking at a clear blue sky, it’s changing my mood/spirit and my life.

“People who don’t have terrible floaters won’t understand what they’re doing to your head and so far they haven’t really been taken seriously.

“Today I have a bloodshot eye that will last two weeks and an intense regimen of eye drops for a month…but my floaters are 100% gone.

“I repeat, it was by no means gifted and I was not asked to post, but I am happy to promote British medical innovation.”

As the procedure Phillip had is still pioneering, it was expensive, but Phillip went on to say that he hopes the price will come down in the future.

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