Optometrist using iPhone 13 Pro macro camera for eye treatment; here’s how

Apple recently launched its iPhone 13 series to the Indian and global market with brand new features, awesome camera sensors, updated software and much more. The premium flagship phone series has gained a lot of attention across the world thanks to the improved camera sensors. Most of the users are busy capturing stunning images of landscapes, city life, nature, etc. Doctor Tommy Korn has discovered a new way to use the iPhone 13 Pro’s macro camera to treat his patients. According to Korn, the iPhone 13 Pro’s macro sensor is useful for the eye treatment of its patients. Let’s take a closer look at how he does this.

Korn shared a post on LinkedIn explaining how he uses his new iPhone 13 Pro to check a patient’s eye using the new macro sensor. According to Korn, he uses the new macro mode to capture detailed images of the eyes, which allows him to analyze and record minor but important details about the patient’s eye treatment.

The doctor shared a few images with the LinkedIn post featuring patient treatment after cornea transplant and now he’s using the iPhone 13 Pro to keep an eye on the patient’s abrasion healing.

“I used the iPhone 13 Pro Max for MACRO eye

The photos come from the healing of a resolving abrasion during a cornea transplant. Permission to use photos has been obtained

PS: this “Pro camera” also includes a phone application! read Korn’s LinkedIn post.

The post received numerous comments where other doctors took part in the conversation and appreciated the use of phone cameras to treat patients. Optometrist Jeffrey Lewis discussed how this feature of the iPhone 13 Pro can be helpful in advancing telemedicine.

The newly launched iPhone 13 Pro comes with a triple rear camera and the interesting fact is that the company hasn’t even upgraded it to the new phone. Instead, Apple upgraded the ultra wide-angle lens of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. So if you are an optometrist with iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max, you can still use it to treat your patients.


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