Oldham’s ‘cat family’ raises money for eye surgery


A cat who landed in the care of an Oldham rescue in need of urgent surgery has received impressive support from the ‘cat family’ community in the borough and beyond.

Flipper, a black and white feline, arrived at Oldham Cat Rescue on October 18 the wrong way.

The 10-month-old, also known as ‘Flipper the Brave’, had a ruptured left eye due to a type of trauma that needed to be removed as soon as possible. In addition, he had to be neutered and receive his first series of vaccines.

The Oldham Times: Flipper was in bad shape when he arrived at Oldham Cat Rescue.Flipper was in bad shape when he arrived at Oldham Cat Rescue. (Image: Oldham Cat Rescue)

In an urgent public appeal, Oldham Cat Rescue deputy manager and administrator Davina Hanes said they needed to raise a minimum of £800 for Flipper.

Even with the rescue discount applied, the charity said it was struggling to fund life-saving surgeries.

Ms Hanes said: ‘Our veterinary costs have risen dramatically of late, as with everything else, and it’s such essential and additional procedures as eye removal and amputations that have hit us hard, beyond our monthly veterinary expenses and expenses that include health checks.

“Unfortunately, with the change in our economy, we have to ask for as much help as we currently can.”

The Oldham Times: Flipper is now on the road to recovery.Flipper is now on the road to recovery. (Image: Oldham Cat Rescue)

However, thanks to the support of the “extended family of cat lovers” in the borough and beyond, £927.06 was raised in 24 hours.

Slimming World Group donated £79.20, a car trunk of £58.67, £565 was donated via JustGiving and the rest was compiled from donations directly to the rescue.

This means Flipper was immediately treated for surgery and was quickly back in the arms of the rescue center on October 20.

Ms Hanes said Flipper was ‘simply gorgeous’ and ‘incredibly loving and affectionate’.

“Flipper is such a small treasure and worth all of our love, time, commitment and care.

“He’s even cuter in the flesh.”

Members of Oldham Times: Slimming World have donated generously to Flipper's operation.Slimming World members donated generously for Flipper’s surgery. (Image: Oldham Cat Rescue)

Flipper has even received “get well soon” cards from supporters since his return.

All he has to do now is find a permanent home.

Ms Hanes added: “We have the most amazing supporters and we are overwhelmed by their love, caring and generosity.

“Flipper is still waiting for his special forever home at present, but is recovering well from the surgery.”

For more information about Flipper or any of the cats, contact Ms. Hanes directly at davinacollettehanes@gmail.com or visit the Facebook page, Oldham Cat Rescue.

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