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MONROVIA – The Liberian Board of Nursing and Midwifery (LBNM) has suspended and seized Registered Nurse Beh Maweah-Gehi’s License RN #2140 from ZB New Eye Center and Pharmacy in Ganta, Nimba County, for performing multiple eye surgeries that damaged the eyes of Success A. Konneh at age 3.

The LBNM over the weekend at a press conference said their action to suspend nurse Beh Maweah-Gehi with license number RN#2140 is in line with a complaint received from the Liberia Dental and Medical Council (LBNM) on Feb. 2 which found him guilty of performing several eye surgeries on then 3-year-old Success Konneh that resulted in the child’s vision being impaired.

The Registrar of the Liberia Nursing and Midwifery Council, Madam Cecelia Kpangbala-Flomo, said nurse Beh Maweah-Gehi “has gone beyond her scope of practice as a registered nurse in Liberia; and at the time of the surgeries in August 2020, Mr. Beh Maweah-Gehi’s license had expired since 2014”.

She said the non-professional and medical malpractice committed by Mr Maweah-Gehi caused the child’s sight to deteriorate in both eyes and that the board is hereby taking administrative action to suspend his license from the practice. of all nursing activities in the Republic of Liberia pending the outcome. of his case has been filed with the Department of Justice for further investigation and action based on the severity of medical malpractice committed by Mr. Beh Maweah-Gehi of ZB New Eye Center and Pharmacy in Ganta, County by Nimba.

She further called on all nurses and midwives to practice using the code of ethics for nursing and midwifery as a standard guide, adding that the LBNM will not hesitate to implement its power and authority as provided in its Amended Nursing and Midwifery Practice of the Republic of Liberia Act of 2016 in the Protection of the Public Health of All Liberians.

Meanwhile, Armah V. Konneh, the father of 4-year-old Little Success A. Konneh, is calling on the passionate Liberians to come to the rescue of his son to seek advanced treatment elsewhere in others to regain sight of success.

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