MSHP soldier shot dead while recovering from eye surgery

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A Missouri State Highway Patrol Soldier who was shot Friday has returned home and is recovering from surgery on Wednesday.

MSHP officials said Justin Jackman shot Private Colton Beck in the face, injuring his right eye.

“He has puncture and laceration wounds on his face, but the most serious injury was in his right eye, which medics were unable to repair or save, so they had to remove it,” said Sgt. . Mike McClure with MSHP.

McClure said Beck had been a soldier for just over six years.

He said last Friday in South Springfield, Beck had tried to stop Justin Jackman for not giving in.

Instead, Jackman pulled off the road and ended up shooting Beck in the face.

“We are extremely grateful that he’s standing,” McClure said. “He is able to call us, send us text messages, come and visit us, between two procedures. As serious and as serious and as blatant as it is, it could have been much worse. “

Trooper Beck’s sister-in-law Madi Snyder tells OzarksFirst that they praise God that Beck is safe and at home with his wife and children.

She said Beck is a person who would give you the shirt off her back, and that’s the soldier you want on your side.

McClure said when something like this happens, the priority is to make sure soldiers get the care they need.

“Being that he’s young, it’s something Colton has wanted to do most of his life,” McClure said. “It became his life, second or third after his family and his faith. It’s something he grabbed with both hands and did a remarkable job.

Jackman was arrested and charged. McClure said they looked forward to the day when Private Beck can return to work.

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