More than 600 people receive free eye treatment in Mara




Dar es Salaam. A total of 650 people in the Mara region received free eye care including cataract surgeries from Lions Clubs namely Mzizima and Host.

A statement from the Club, which was communicated to the Citizen yesterday, indicates that among the population, 150 patients have undergone cataract surgery by prominent eye specialists (ophthalmologists) led by Dr Majala Majala, according to the chairman of the Lions Club of Dar es Salaam Host. , Ms. Violeth Lussagana.

Ms Lussagana said 500 people had been treated with medication and others were referred to another hospital in the three Days eye camp organized by their institution.

She explained that their institution had spent 19 million shillings for the exercise which was sponsored by the Lions Club (Mzizima & Host), PKF Tanzania and Beta Charitable Trust.

She said the goal of the camp is to reduce vision loss (blindness) for people who don’t have financial muscles for treatment.

“An operation on one eye costs almost Sh 500,000. A lot of peopleinside the country have no money to pay for their treatment. Our institution decided to organize an observation camp to help them. We are happy to have managed to help some of them and we are always organizing moree eye camps, ”she said.


She said that one of the main issues facing their institution islack of education on this exercise, most people lack the knowledge especially about cataract surgery.

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