Michael Bisping reveals his eye surgery

Michael Bisping has appeared on Jeff Wittek’s Jeff FM podcast and opened up on several topics. One of the topics discussed was how the former UFC middleweight champion lost vision in his right eye.

Speaking of the pain he had already felt from his eye injury, Michael Bisping revealed that “the pain was ten times greater than before” after one of his surgeries. Bisping also suggested that doctors botched the operation – the operation after which he completely lost vision in his right eye – and that he wanted to continue them.

Michael Bisping recalled that the original injury was a detachment of the right retina caused by his knockout loss with a header to Vitor Belfort. Bisping noted that he had undergone surgery to fix it, but returned to combat and training too early.

Apparently, Michael Bisping developed scar tissue around the area and this, coupled with the impact of the fight, again detached his retina. Bisping has had a few surgeries to rectify this. Unfortunately, in the days that followed, he ended up suffering from a severe headache.

His wife took him to the hospital. When the headache and pain in and around his eyes did not subside, doctors decided he needed emergency surgery. Michael Bisping noted that he was given pain medication and then underwent emergency surgery. Bisping said:

“So I’m oblivious, obviously. Then I come back. I am tied to the bed and come early. And I start to freak out, to shake like crazy, and the doctors say to me: “Calm down”. Calm. We’re almost done. You have just arrived a little early. We are almost done with the procedure. Anyway, I see a f ** king needle going in (in my right eye). I’m like ‘Whoa! What is the f ** k? ‘. He does this, and then the pain was ten times greater than before. It used to be like a really, really bad pain, like a dull ache, but just crazy. It was sharp. It was an incredibly sharp pain.

Michael Bisping explained that he was screaming in pain. Doctors asked “the count” about his pain, in response to which he told them it was even worse than before.

Michael Bisping overheard a nurse talk about what happened to him

Michael Bisping (left);  Vitor Belfort (right)
Michael Bisping (left); Vitor Belfort (right)

Michael Bisping crashed into the bed, then had another needle injected into his eye. Bisping pointed out that he was subsequently given more anesthesia and was again unconscious. He added:

“I am coming the next day. I am in a hotel room. I’m coming. And then a nurse came in. And I heard her talking on the phone, and I know what happened. The iris, the colored part of your eye, is like a gel disc. And when they put the drain on, they screwed it up; it is to my understanding. And I’m sure a doctor would say that’s a little inaccurate, but that’s my understanding. And the drain kind of sucked the iris in. The iris was sort of mixed up with the fucking drain. So they had to cancel the whole surgery and then do it again. And then when I came back from this operation, I never saw that eyeball come out (right) again. And I examined it; status until prescription. Well, I wanted to sue the motherfuckers.

Michael Bisping continued his MMA career despite losing sight in his right eye and won the UFC middleweight title. Bisping participated in his last MMA fight in November 2017 and announced his retirement from MMA in 2018. He was subsequently inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. Currently, Bisping works as a UFC commentator and MMA analyst.

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