Lady in her 50s needs eye surgery to see


Hello, my name is Mae and I am raising funds for someone I know in the Philippines who cannot see. She has had eye problems for a few years now. This lady is going to the church we attended during our visit and it is clear that she needs help. When Sunday comes, someone has to take her to church and home because she can’t see very well and her sight is deteriorating. She asked people in the church to pray for her eyes and other health issues, she had a stroke before and was paralyzed, thank God she is slowly recovering from a stroke, but everything Suddenly she started having another health issue about her growing belly. I heard that she is desperate and wants to see, even with one eye, but with the lack of money, she cannot go to the doctor to remove the cattarak that blinded her eyes.

So I’m here to knock on the doors of hearts and use gofundme hoping that people will be inspired to donate even a small amount so that she can hopefully raise the money she needs for her eyes.

The cost of the treatment in the Philippines is around $400 and it would treat both eyes. However, she is so desperate to see even one eye would be a blessing. Can you help ? No amount too small. Let’s help someone today to see by providing money for this simple operation, thank you

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