Katie Piper thanks amid eye surgery recovery


Katie Piper revealed this week that she needed emergency surgery on her left eye. (Getty/Instagram/Katie Piper)

Katie Piper has thanked her fans for supporting her again after undergoing emergency eye surgery this week.

The TV presenter and writer revealed earlier this week that her husband noticed a small black circle in the eye in which Piper is blinded following the acid attack she suffered in 2008.

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She writes that a few days later her eye doctor confirmed that her eye had been punctured and she would need urgent surgery.

In a social media post this week – reported via Subway – Piper said she was “super excited” to get back to work because she hadn’t been able to wear makeup since before she was admitted to the hospital.

The 38-year-old star returned to her gig as the host of Katie Piper’s Breakfast Show Sunday — his first job since the last operation.

She added: “I had to leave my eye totally intact so no eyelashes and no eye makeup because I’m still prone to infections and I don’t want to have any bleeding or anything.

“It’s not my usual look but I feel good, I feel confident and I’m so happy to be back at work.”

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She then moved on to her fans, thanking them for flocking to offer messages of support when they heard she was going under the knife again.

Piper said: “I literally walked out of the operating room and turned on my phone and [there were] so many lovely messages from all of you guys. I really appreciate it and never take it for granted.”

Katie Piper became a regular part of the cast of Loose Women in 2021. (ITV)

Katie Piper has become a regular part of the loose women cast in 2021. (ITV)

Piper has undergone numerous surgeries since being attacked by her ex-boyfriend and an accomplice – both of whom received life sentences for the assault.

She underwent another eye surgery in 2020 and last year was rushed to hospital after choking on her own saliva.

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Piper has become an inspirational figure since going public with her stroke and presenting numerous documentaries about her recovery.

She joined the regular list of loose women panelists in 2021 and was named an OBE as part of the 2022 New Year’s Honors list – although he came close to missing out on winning the award.

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