Innovative EverTears® Dry Eye Treatment Endorsed by Dr. Pam Theriot in Independent Strong

An industry leader in the treatment of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and Dry Eye Syndrome has received influential endorsement.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, May 17, 2022 / — Representatives of ThermaMEDx today announced that its product, EverTears®the world’s first combination of self-heating eye pad and pre-moistened cleansing pad, has received the endorsement of an influential physician.

Ben Nobles, co-founder of ThermaMEDx and former senior executive at optical industry giant Alcon, shared that EverTears® is designed to provide a convenient and affordable OTC dry eye solution that delivers the precise, controlled heat and eyelid cleansing found in many in-office treatments. EverTears® takes advantage of patented technology developed by ThermaMEDx co-founder, Dr. Michel Guillon, to not only relieve dry eye symptoms, but also to help restore the eye’s natural tear film when used as directed. instructions.

Dr. Pam Theriot, in Independent Strong, listed EverTears® as an effective product to offer to patients for home use. She noted that EverTears® is “A sterile eyelid cleansing pad with a thermal component that stays at over 108 degrees for over six minutes. The pads work to unblock eyelid glands, restore oil flow and retain the natural tear layer. Moist heat melts away buildup and opens pores.”

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ThermaMEDx was founded to bring Dr. Michel Guillon’s vision of harnessing thermal energy to provide an accessible and effective treatment for dry eyes and meibomian gland dysfunction. ThermaMEDx is a family business led by our Medical Board of renowned physicians whose mission is to improve patient outcomes by striving to provide the best treatment for dry eyes caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) available. for home use.

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