IG model who contracted AIDS recovering from corrective eye surgery


Instagram model Gena Tew, who recently revealed she was diagnosed with AIDS, has now found some hope in her battle with the disease. Talk to TMZTew said she underwent successful surgery on her eyes Thursday in Memphis, Tennessee, and regained some of the vision she had lost.

The model, who revealed she was totally blind in her left eye before the operation, said she can now see shapes and hopes her vision will continue to improve. Tew added that she had dropped to 65 pounds at one point, but is now gaining weight. Although she didn’t feel optimistic at first, Tew said she could recover if she took her medication and visited her doctor regularly.

As Blavity Previously reported, Tew opened up about her diagnosis in July when she posted several TikTok videos. The model said she unknowingly had the virus and only recently discovered she was a carrier.

While doctors have told Tew she’s likely had the disease for eight to 10 years, the 27-year-old model believes she contracted the virus when she was around 17-19.

“At that time, I was living in New York and I was homeless,” she said in a TikTok video. “I’ve been raped a few times but that’s not something I like to talk about, I’ve had a few free tattoos so it could have been a dirty needle, I don’t know. I know one of these people? No. Did I say anything when these things happened? No. Because I was naive and I was stupid and I was young.

Although there is no cure for AIDS, experts say the disease can be controlled with medication.

“Access to better antiviral treatments has dramatically reduced the number of AIDS deaths around the world, even in resource-poor countries,” Mayo Clinic listed on its website. “Thanks to these life-saving treatments, most people living with HIV in the United States today do not develop AIDS. Untreated, HIV usually turns into AIDS in about 8 to 10 years.

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