Help Goose with his eye surgery!


When I had Goose, I knew he was a sweet, pure soul. He loves to knead and purr, and tries to get as close to me as possible by laying on my chest. When he’s fed up with cuddles, he’s a little ball of energy and runs around, banging on toys and jumping around. Goose is a wonderful kitten, but I’ve had a lot of problems since I got her.

Unfortunately, his health is poor. Goose takes 7 different medications to treat the parasites in his belly, help the ulcer and infection in his eyes, treat the yeast infection in his ears, and ease the pain he is feeling. All of these drugs and tests are expensive, but the real doozy is the surgery he needs to have his eye gouged out. There was trauma in his eye before I had it, and it only got worse, despite my best efforts to save him. No medicine can save his eye now, and the worst case scenario is now upon him.

If you can spare some money to help support Goose, I would greatly appreciate it, and the little guy too. I just moved into an apartment on my own, so financially it was tough.

He’s been through so much, but he’s remained so strong and brave and kind. Most kittens would be angry and go wild, but not him. Goose is an inspiration to me to keep persevering.

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