Fundraising for Nadalya Dias by Paulina Messina: Ky’s Eye Surgery


Hello everyone! I have decided to start a Go Fund Me for my cousin, Nadalya, and her 2 year old son, Ky, who will be undergoing cataract surgery next week. Nadalya does everything she can as a working single mother to meet Ky’s full-time needs without too much support. Please help me help with medical bills, Ky’s recovery needs and general day to day expenses as she won’t be able to work for months to come while she takes care of all the needs of little Ky.

Before he was one year old, it was discovered that little Ky had cataracts in his eyes and since then this mum has been doing everything she can to help improve Ky’s quality of life day after day. She constantly has to take time off from work to take him to eye care appointments, occupational therapy, and Perkin’s School for the Blind where she works with therapists to improve Ky’s vision. This includes patching up to 3 hours a day and wearing a specialist contact in order to see through his eyes.

He already had corrective eye surgery before he was one year old and has many more to come throughout his life (7-9 TBD depending on overall development). These surgeries will hopefully help her have a better quality of life and avoid the risk of complete blindness and/or glaucoma.

Everything is appreciated and will help give Ky a healthy and smooth recovery! Thank you very much in advance ❤️

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