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According to doctors in the United Arab Emirates, the number of people complaining of eye problems, such as redness, dry and tired eyes, has increased.

As young people glued to their gadgets to track distance learning and adults spend more time on their laptops when working from home, doctors have advised taking the necessary steps to minimize the impact. of what is called “computer vision syndrome”.

Dr Mohit Jain, ophthalmologist at RAK Hospital, said: “The use of digital devices during distance learning is inevitable. However, when we focus on a screen, the eye muscles contract. If the muscles stay contracted too long, they tire and cause strain and can affect eyesight, especially at the age of growth. “

Students who stare at screens for long periods of time can end up wearing glasses, and if they are already wearing a pair, the wattage can build up quickly, he warned.

“The more serious consequences of prolonged screen time can be blurred vision, neck pain, dizziness, double vision and difficulty refocusing the eyes,” added Dr. Jain.

As a first step, parents must restrict the use of devices by children for entertainment and amusement, the doctor said. “Children should follow the 20-20-20 rule. After every 20 minutes of screen time, they should look away and look at a distance of about 20 feet for 20 seconds before looking at the device. It helps relax the eye. muscles. “

Highlighting some common mistakes people make on their screens, Dr Mazen Senjab, consultant ophthalmologist at the Medcare Eye Center, said, “Most of the time we are so focused on our work, looking at our screens, that we tend to to blink a lot less than we usually would. This can lead to redness and dryness of the eyes. Blinking keeps the eyes moist and clean. “

Taking breaks every hour is also important, Dr Senjab said.

“Some people take a break from work or study, then start chatting, checking social media, or watching videos on another screen. It’s not a relaxation for your eyes. Leave your gadgets on your break and watch something from a distance. “

Tips for keeping your eyes healthy

> Blink your eyes more often when looking at your screens as it helps keep the eyes moist
> Take frequent breaks – ideally a 10 minute break after every hour. Do not use screens during this time instead, view something from a distance of 20 feet
> Keep devices and computers at a safe distance of 18 to 26 inches to avoid over-contracting the eye muscles
> Sit in a place where natural sunlight enters. It is much more beneficial for the eyes
> Keep getting up and moving every 30 minutes and stay hydrated
> Place your screen 15 to 20cm below eye level

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