Baldwin tells ‘three guys in gray shirts’ to get eye surgery like him


When Ateneo de Manila University coach Tab Baldwin sees something he doesn’t like, he doesn’t hesitate to speak out.

The Blue Eagles may be just one win away from another appearance in the UAAP Season 84 Men’s Basketball Tournament Finals, but the 63-year-old is still looking for things he wants. can improve.

“It was a very physical game” said the former head coach of Gilas Pilipinas.

“This year I had eye surgery and I don’t think it worked out because I saw a whole bunch of things happen on the pitch.”

After lamenting his team’s dismal performance against Far Eastern University, Baldwin made sure to vent his frustrations with the refereeing of the match.

For the third game in a row that ended in a resounding victory for the Blue Eagles, the University of Notre Dame alumnus received a technical foul for his behavior on the field.

Earlier in the season – against the University of Santo Tomas in the first round to be exact – Baldwin did not participate in the post-match press conference. Instead, he asked his senior assistant, Sandy Arespacochaga, to face the media.

This time, however, he took it upon himself to talk about the things he thought were interesting, to say the least.

“I think the three guys in the gray shirts maybe… You know, I don’t know, maybe they need to have what I have, or maybe I wouldn’t have shouldn’t have had what I have,declared the triple UAAP champion, who already has three technicians this season.

“I don’t know, but it was definitely a different perspective of being on the sidelines and what it needed to be on the floor because it was really difficult for the players.”

Indeed, it is very easy to be skeptical of coaches who complain to and about referees. After all, they may just be trying to gain an advantage for their players. But Baldwin has had enough and is ready to go further.

There is no way to tell if and when former program chief Gilas Pilipinas will be able to get what he wants. Still, he’s willing to take a chance, if only to prove a point.

UAAP-84-Mens-Basketball-ADMU-vs-UST-Tonichi-Pujante Baldwin says to

“I would like this to be addressed and we will definitely discuss it officially with the commissioner, because I think we had a bad game. But I think the refereeing team also had a bad game. he said.

“I will take care of our team. I don’t know who will take care of them. That’s kind of how I feel about it.

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