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“Clear eyes, full hearts, I can’t lose!” shouts Coach Eric Taylor on NBC’s Friday Night Lights TV show. That’s exactly what UTSA Championship quarterback Frank Harris and NFL player Tre Flowers thought when they picked LASIK to improve their game.

LASIK surgeons specializing in performance vision for athletes

Frank Harris excels at his sport, helping UTSA win the Conference USA Championship last season. But what many don’t know is that Harris has severe astigmatism. Or at least he had astigmatism. He’s a star player who took his team to the Frisco Bowl in December. But, at Clemens High School before coming to UTSA, instead of seeing clear images, they were always blurry, both on and off the field. “For years I struggled with contacts and high astigmatism; I didn’t think I was a candidate for LASIK. When I was in high school, I didn’t wear contacts or glasses on the field. Basically, I just looked for the big numbers on the shirts and kicked the football on the numbers!

“I guess I was so used to it, but some things were blurry trying to look too far ahead,” he said. “But I was a bit used to it, so I just adapted.”

He tried contacts but constantly had to adjust them with his fingers so his eyeball could see the ball.

“As you can see in some videos, I was always rubbing my eyes because they were starting to get a little blurry,” he said.

“You’ll often hear the football analogy…that the eye is shaped like a football,” said Dr. Bobby Saenz, director of the Parkhurst NuVision Clinic. “What that means with astigmatism…it’s basically one part of the eye that’s really curved and the other part that’s not so curved.”

Consider the requirements of a quarterback: find your wide receiver, throw the ball and try not to get intercepted, all while the defensive line tries to fire you. In fact, a quarterback’s eyes are constantly calculating depth, distance, and fast-moving players, necessitating a quick assessment of risk and reward. Simply put, a quarterback’s ability to see determines the decisions that lead to either moving the ball downfield for a touchdown or a turnover that can cost the team the lead.

In January, Parkhurst NuVision and Harris connected and decided that Lasik would massively improve his vision and his game. Was he nervous on the court? Certainly not! But what about Lasik?

“A little. But the doctors are there to take care of me. I’m in good hands and God will take care of everything,” Harris said.

How fast is LASIK?

After less than 10 minutes of LASIK eye surgery, he was done, and just a day later he was happy with the results. “I wake up and I have nothing to wear. No contact. No glasses,” he said. “It’s just an amazing feeling. It’s something I haven’t done since I was four or five years old.

Dr Bobby Saenz of Parkhurst NuVision told us: “I think it will be even more impressive to see what he is able to do this year as we were able to treat this astigmatism and see him have clear vision on the court.

Frank Harris was selected as the pre-season Offensive Player of the Year for C-USA. The Schertz, Texas native made history last year at UTSA by leading the Roadrunners to a nearly undefeated season with a 12-1 record and a first-ever conference championship win! Harris, a former Samuel Clemens High School standout, had his best collegiate season this year, throwing for more than 2,900 yards and 25 touchdowns and winning conference Offensive Player of the Year. This year, his team has an even more demanding schedule.

NFL player gets LASIK

Tre Flowers stood out at Judson High School in Converse, Texas, and Oklahoma State University. He was then drafted by the Seattle Seahawks and now, as Safety Cincinnati Bengal, he had the opportunity to play in the Superbowl last year. Flowers struggled with contacts on and off the field for years. “There were so many plays I missed just having to go off the pitch to fix a contact that I had a bead of turf in and trying to find a mirror in the middle of the game… that’s a challenge in itself “. After hearing about Frank’s LASIK success in San Antonio, I called him and asked, “Does it hurt and how was it?” He told me how easy it was and that I had to go see Dr. Parkhurst.

“It was the easiest surgery you’ve ever had, way better than going to the dentist!” said Flowers.

Flowers can now see 20/15 and can’t wait to bring the Cincinnati Bengals back to the Superbowl this year!

Dr Parkhurst also said: “I think this is going to take their performance to another level. You know, they can actually see, I think they’re going to perform even better on the pitch.

You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy your best natural vision.

Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose…with LASIK!

Parkhurst NuVision offers several other eye procedures for those who are not eligible for LASIK. If you want schedule a consultation to see if you are a candidate, call (210) 585-2020.

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