Alcon launches new dry eye treatment device


Alcon has announced the introduction of the Systane iLux Thermal Pulsation System for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

Alcon, based in Geneva, Switzerland, has designed the all-in-one portable Systane iLux MGD thermal pulsation device with new imaging technology to capture infrared photos and HD video of the meibomian glands. The system allows patients to see the need for treatment, visualize their procedure and see results in treating their dry eye disease in as little as one week.

Alcon said in a press release that the Systane iLux MGD thermal pulsation system expands its current dry eye treatment offerings and allows practitioners to tailor MGD treatment to individual patient needs in just eight to 12 minutes.

Eye care professionals can customize heat and compression in each easy-to-use visualization treatment area with the Systane iLux MGD system, Alcon added.

“Alcon is dedicated to advancing medical device technology and providing eyecare professionals (ECPs) with the tools to effectively treat their patients,” said Fred Ellis, Alcon vice president, US Pharmaceutical and Dry Eye, in the press release. “With the Systane iLux2 MGD Thermal Pulsation System, ECPs will be able to build patient confidence, because seeing is believing.

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