5 Common Questions About Lasik Eye Surgery



Planning for any type of surgery can be overwhelming. You never know what to expect, how long the recovery will take, and whether the surgery will be successful or not.

If you plan to have LASIK surgery or if you are due to have one, you may have several questions or concerns regarding before, during and after the surgery. Here are some common questions that have been answered that may help you better understand this surgery.

  1. How do I know if I am suitable for Lasik surgery?

The best way to know if you are suitable for Lasik surgery is to go to a consultation where an ophthalmologist will examine your eyes. Without the consultation, you could have pre-existing eye problems that were never diagnosed, which could affect the success rate of the surgery. Find out if you are fit for complete this questionnaire and answer a few eye questions that will help an ophthalmologist better understand your visual needs.

2. Is the operation painful?

This is a common concern as many people associate surgery with pain. However, you have nothing to worry about. Before your surgery, numbing drops are inserted into the eye, which means that you will not feel any pain for the duration of the surgery. You may feel some pressure on and around the eye during treatment, but it shouldn’t be painful at all. Patients may also seek oral medication to help with relaxation. Don’t worry, no needles or intravenous drugs are used.

3. Do I have to prepay for the surgery?

Your eye doctor can discuss payment options with you. iSurgeon offers flexible payment options that can allow you to pay for the surgery in three monthly installments. Contact iSurgeon and discuss a payment method that’s right for you.

4. Will I see the results immediately?

Each patient is different and heals differently. Most patients see immediate improvement right after surgery. Don’t worry too much if your vision is not 100% clear, as the eye drops can cause blurring afterwards. About 4 in 5 patients would have passed a driving test without needing glasses or contact lenses after treatment.

5. What does the recovery look like?

Immediately after surgery, the eye surgeon will place a transparent eye shield over the treated eye (s) which will be removed the next day. You will need to wear them for an extra week to bed. Avoid swimming until about a week after surgery. You will continue to wear these eye protection at bedtime for 1 week to protect yourself. Make sure to organize transportation on the day of the surgery as you will not be able to drive. Drive only when you are comfortable and confident in your visual acuity.

Laser surgery is quick and recovery doesn’t take long at all. With confidence eye specialist in Johannesburg, you can rest assured that you are in good hands and will recover well. No need to squint or find it difficult to read a text, with LASIK surgery, your quality of life is instantly improved!

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