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By Abel Leonard, lafia

Eggon Islamic Society in Nasarawa State offered free eye care to 1,509 beneficiaries.

This was revealed on Saturday by Umar Abdullah Galle, Secretary General of the Islamic Society of Eggonland (ISE).

He revealed that the increase in sight cases ranging from cataracts to glaucoma compels the association to help the less privileged in society who cannot afford proper medication and prevent them from losing their sight.

He said he was delighted with the massive participation of people in the four centers, namely Nasarawa Eggon General Hospital with a total of more than 600 patients, Mada Station with a total of 290, Primary Health Care (PHC ) Akpata with 330 people screened and PHC Bakyano with 333.

Gale expressed satisfaction with the facilities available at the four centers, saying that the ISE will extend its olive branches to other parts of the state for the good of humanity.

He however praised the medical team for working as a team during the exercise, he also appreciated the press for giving adequate coverage of the movement.

While shedding more light on the activities of ISE, the medical team leader, Dr. Murtala Mohammed Umar, National Eye Center Ophthalmologist, Kaduna said that the activities begin with an awareness campaign, disbursement of eyeglasses.

He added, however, that more than 1,000 visually impaired people have been screened by the Islamic Society of Nigeria (ISE), 400 of whom have been given reading glasses.

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He explained that the majority of people with sight problems come from cataracts, saying that the World Bank is working diligently with other related organizations to eliminate eye-related conditions.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dr Phoebe Angbazo appreciates the organizers of the free eye surgery, calling on other charities and motivated individuals to emulate the Islamic Society of Eggonland for performing free eye surgery.

The permanent secretary explained that the state governor has done a lot in the area of ​​free health insurance over the past two and a half years,

Calling on the wealthy in society to support those in need of medical assistance, especially at this critical time of need.

The Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the State Hospital Management Board (NSHMB) also praised the ISE for the choice of its facilities, adding that the board goes around to monitor the use of its facilities. .

Dr Edegba Edego, the CMD expressed his satisfaction with the successful conduct of the surgeries which he said resulted in no casualties.

Ibrahim Adamu praised the organizers of the free eye surgery, saying the treatment came at a time when people were going from hand to mouth.

Also speaking, Felicia Namo thanked the Islamic Society of Eggonland for the show of humanity, adding that both Muslims and Christians have benefited from the gesture.

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